Levels 1-5:  8 days of 30 minute lessons with 6/1 student/coach ratio

        $39.00 per Session

Seahorse - Level 1                                                                                                  Introduction to water. Techniques learned: water entry and exiting alone, blowing bubbles, face in water, front and back floating with kicking, body buoyancy, jumping from side of pool.

Moonfish - Level 2
Techniques learned: Unassisted front crawl arms and kicking 5 feet, back crawl arms and kicking supported, back float unassisted

Starfish - Level 3
Techniques learned: move from stairs to side of pool for instruction, front crawl (width of pool), back crawl assisted (width of pool), deep water exploration

Electric Eel - Level 4
Techniques learned: move from side to deep end of pool for instruction, front crawl with side breathing, back crawl unassisted, treading, deep water retrieving

Rainbow Trout - Level 5                                                                                     Techniques learned: treading water and survival float, front and back crawl length of pool, introduction to butterfly and back stroke with kick board assistance.

Levels 6 & 7:  8 days of 45 minute lessons with 7/1 student/coach ratio

    $45.00 per session

Stingray - Level 6
Techniques learned: perfecting in 4 lap distance front and back crawl, breast stroke, butterfly, side stroke arms and kicking, open turns, and survival treading

Shark - Level 7
Techniques learned: perfection of all 6 strokes (front crawl, back crawl, breast stroke, butterfly, elementary back stroke, and sidestroke) with 6 laps minimum, flip turns, and throwing rescue.

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2017 Swimming Session

Spring Session:

  May 9 - 18 - Afternoon Only

Summer Sessions:

May 30 - June 8

June 13 - June 22

June 26 - July 7

July 11 - July 20

August 1 - August 10

Fall Session

Aug 22 - Aug 31 - Afternoon only