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Bare Foot Gymnastics - Montessori - Swimming

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Recreational Gymnastics Classes

Classes are available for children from ages 18 months to 17 years

Parent/Tot (ages 18 months to 3 years old)

This co-ed  class is an introduction to basic gymnastics skills with the parent and child working together.  We emphasize strength, flexibility, listening, following direction and socializing.  This is a great experience for both parent and child.  The 45 minute class is held once a week for 3 months.

Mini-Squirt Program (ages 3-5)

This co-ed class provides a quality beginning gymnastics experience that is structured but not rigid.  Students can direct their physical energy while learning basic gymnastics skills through all events.  The 45 minute class is held once or twice a week.

Girls Mini-Gym Levels 1-5 (ages 5-14)

Boys Mini-Jets Level 1-4 (ages 5-14)

These classes are the core classes in our Recreational Gymnastics program.  They offer quality instruction from beginning through advanced gymnastics skills.  Students work out on all apparatus throughout the month.  The gymnasts progress is evaluated and stickers are awarded for placement on their achievement charts.  Classes are held once or twice a week.

Girls Mini-Gym and Boys Mini-Jet Levels 1-3 are 50 Minute classes

Girls Mini-Gym Levels 4-5 and Boys Mini-Jet Level 4 are 1 hour 20 minute classes

Tumbling Classes

This co-ed class emphasizes strong tumbling skills and cheerleading skills.  The Spring floor and Tumbling Trampoline are used to improve the gymnasts skills.

Competitive Girls and Boys Gymnastics Teams

Bare Foot offers girls & boys Junior Olympic competitive teams.  We offer both Compulsory and Optional teams USAG levels 4 - 10.  Participation on the Bare Foot Gymnastics Teams is by invitation


Gymnastics performances are scheduled throughout the year so that all the Recreational Gymnasts get a chance to SHOW OFF what they are learning.  Watch the events page for upcoming performances

Follow The USA Gymnastics Team at “Behind the Team”



Effective August 1, 2015

Annual Registration Fee        $30.00



                            $98.00/3 months


    1 class/week        $45.00/month

    2 class/week        $82.00/month

Mini-Gym & Mini-Jets

    50 Minute Class

        1 class/week    $49.00/month

        2 class/week    $89.00/month

    1 hr 20 minute class

        1 class/week    $60.00/month

        2 class/week    $110.00/month

Tumbling Class

    50 Minute Class    $49.00/month